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Users Say...

 "[HoldemWinner] adds discipline to my game and helps me avoid many costly mistakes..."

"as an investment, this poker software paid for itself in the first couple of hours..."


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Use your computer to Win Consistently in online Texas Hold'em poker games!!

"..Poker is not a game of luck, it is a game of skill! Why do you think the same guys make it to the finals of the world series every year? What are they, the luckiest guys in the world??..." 

Consistently winning Texas Holdem poker in the long run is not about hitting a miracle hand every now and then, it is about playing the odds right every time! Calculating the odds precisely in a live game is of course easier said than done - even the pros find that aspect of the game cumbersome, and often use approximations or take shortcuts.

Hold'em Winner is a revolutionary poker software application that aims to do just that by helping the online poker player take advantage of the computational power available to him. For every decision that the Texas Hold'em player faces (from pre-flop strategy all the way to calling at the river), Holdem Winner provides all the information necessary to maximize the return, based on the exact probabilities of winning at the time.

texas holdem  Why do Hold'em Winner users win more?

Because of several features that give the Hold'em Winner owner an unfair advantage! Some of them are: 

  • Advanced pre-flop strategy implementation  Choosing which two cards to play and how to play them is a very important and underrated part of the game. Texas Holdem Winner will rank your pocket cards at every round and will give you a specific recommendation on what to do based on your position at the table.
  • Better Hands  Hold'em Winner will give you at every step in the game (Flop, Turn, River) a complete list of all the 2-card pockets that beat yours. It is always useful, for many reasons, to know which and exactly how many hands are better than what you have. Imagine, for example, you are left with one opponent at the river and you know that he can only beat you with an AA and KK, but you have also observed that he always raises high pairs pre-flop and this time he didn't - it is like having the NUTS! Knowing the cards that beat you at all times, combined with the right observation of opponents' behavior, can dramatically increase the number of pots you win and leave other players wonder how you do it!
  • What-if Analysis  You can enter hypothetical future cards for the Turn and River position and see how they affect your winning percentages.
  • NUTS recognition  It is amazing how often on-line players fail to recognize that they have the best possible hand given the current state of the board. That will never happen to you again, Hold'em Winner gives you a flashing warning every time you are holding the nuts at the table. Especially useful for no-limit games! 
  • Pot Odds Calculation  How many times have you wondered if you should really continue chasing that open-ended straight? Texas Holdem Winner will show you your actual chance of winning each pot and will tell you the exact pot size that justifies going for it! (more info)

texas holdem  What made Hold'em Winner an instant success?

  • Ease of use  Extremely easy and intuitive user interface, literally requires the user to play only one round before becoming an expert!

  • Small size  So that it can fit in the screen next to your favorite online poker site

  • Speed and Power  Fast, one-click input of cards, and instant response after each decision - because you do not have any time to waste during a live on-line game!

  • Simplicity  Gives you exactly the information you need, in a simple, easy to read form - no more complicated odds and probabilities!

  • Low Price  It literally costs a lot less than a low-limit game buy-in; it will pay off its price right away and save you tons in the long run!

online poker  Who can benefit from this software?

Players at all levels can improve their skills and see a tremendous difference in their performance by using a poker software such as Hold'em Winner and following its recommendations. 

Beginning Texas Holdem players will learn to avoid traps and stay away from bad calls. One of the most common mistakes seen today in online poker rooms is people calling cards that have no chance of winning them the pot, therefore depleting their funds too fast and not giving themselves the opportunity to stay in the game long enough to make some profit.

Experienced Texas Holdem players can let Hold'em Winner take care of the number crunching for them so they can concentrate in reading other players' behavior and reactions, and use that to their advantage. Most advanced players use pot odds in the form of "numbers of outs" to decide whether their draw is worth calling or not. This is not accurate enough, however, since it doesn't take into account how many of those outs create a better hand for opponents (not to mention the rounding error itself, which adds up in the long run). 

For example, players tend to treat a regular flush draw at the river as a 20% proposition (9 outs, 46 cards left, approximates to 1/5). Many times it is considerably different, however, because of the probability that some of these outs may be helping an opponent form a full house or a higher flush. Let HoldemWinner tell you exactly what is your chance of winning the pot, not just getting the flush, and save in the long run!

  How much does it cost?

You can download the trial version for free and give it a try right away. If you decide to keep it, the registration fee is $24.95. Paypal is the fastest way to pay for your purchase, click on the following button to process a secure Credit Card payment via  Paypal.

Alternative payment methods include phone, postal mail, fax or online secure credit card processing via Regsoft Inc; the following button will take you to the secure order form

Contact our sales group to find out how you may be eligible for a discounted or free registered version!

  Is this illegal?

Of course not! It does not do anything that is not part of the game, it just gives you a big advantage over the opponents by continuously calculating all the information that you need to optimize each decision. Wouldn't every player do that if they had a way?

  Your Feedback counts - and pays!

User feedback is valuable to us, many of the recent features and improvements have been based on your suggestions. Please take a minute to fill out the feedback form and become eligible for a free registered copy.


  Resellers Program

Do you manage a poker related site? Would  your visitors be interested in such an application? Find out how you can become a reseller and make commission $$ doing nothing! 


Click here to watch a demo video clip with HoldemWinner in action! 


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3/4/04 NEW version 1.3 is out

Tells you your exact chances of winning the pot at every step!


3/7/04  Demo movies are now available. best seo company



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